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The twins Eddie & Mika both fight against Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1, a severe and rare hereditary disease that kills muscle cells. Without treatment, Eddie & Mika will live at most two years, as more and more cells die every day.

Fortunately, a milestone has been reached: The health insurance & aid company has approved the gene therapy with Zolgensma. This means Eddie & Mika will probably experience their second birthday.

Even with treatment, both will need help & support throughout their lives, because the disease is already progressing and even gene therapy cannot repair already disabled motor neurons. In all probability they will never be able to move their legs.

Now our hope is that both will learn to sit and have enough healthy motor neurons to be able use their arms. To imagine that the two of them can never, like other children, romp around in a playground, play soccer, build snowmen or simply dance around happily, is tearing our hearts apart.

In spite of all these restrictions, we want the sweet twins to have an easy and happy life, for the lifetime they have left. We want to give them, with all available means and therapies, a normal life as far as possible.

Only with your support can we do this! Wheelchairs, electric standing-up assistance, a handicapped accessible home or a suitable vehicle for both boys in their wheelchairs. Currently everything is missing. We are calling on you and everyone you know, please donate a piece of normality for Eddie & Mika.

Eddie und Mika lachen viel Eddie und Mika sind für sich da Eddie und Mika träumen von einem normalen Leben
Donate now and save their lives
Two ways you may be able to help

Please address your donation to the Volker-Reitz-Stiftung with the keyword "Eddie Mika".

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Account Owner: Volker-Reitz-Stiftung
IBAN: DE18 1009 0900 1550 1776 02
Bank: PSD Bank Berlin Brandenburg
Reason for payment: Eddie Mika

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Eddies und Mikas Lachen ist einfach ansteckend Zusammen sind wir stark Sei der Anker in ihrem Leben

We are Eddies & Mikas family and friends. Together with you we want to give them a life and see them grow up. Every gesture counts! Thanks for your support!